Enabling partner growth and success


Board Advisory and Support

We provide the support for companies in the Boardroom when it comes to corporate governance. We bring to the table a wealth of experience in the assessment of issues that can sometimes be confusing and need clear direction to uncomplicate matters.


Practical approach to commercial and ‘not for profit’ entities

Our knowledge and skills allows us to tackle complicated matters and convert these into practical solutions. We have worked with numerous Not-for-Profit entities assisting them weave through difficult issues and at the same time install practical on-going functions that are easily followed.


Governance and Compliance Reviews

We have the background and processes to undertake Enterprise Risk Management activities and the implementation of governance in complicated environments. We apply a detailed review process that is easy to understand and assists in the development of systematic implementation across complicated business structures.


Financial Management, controls and reporting

We have the ability to work carefully through the financial management processes of your company to determine such matters as sustainability, forecasting, shareholder value, and provide meaningful data for decision making.


Training in Governance and Risk Implementation

We undertake continuous training programs both in the formal sense and informally with clients. The formal programs cover matters around Directors and Officers duties and Boardroom management to Risk Implementation and Project Governance. Informal sessions can be as determined by the client, however are based around compliance, officer duties, governance and Risk management. Each session can be designed or held to meet your needs.


Company Secretarial Support and Review

We have had many years in the Company Secretarial support environment, either as direct support the the Company Secretary or as interim roles whilst the position is being filled. We also act as contract Company secretaries for long or short term assignments. We are qualified Chartered Secretaries and attend to a variety of Public listed, Public unlisted and NFP entities. we also deliver training programs for Directors, Company Secretaries and Officers in Governance and Compliance areas.

We have the expertise to support the implementation of change or development where external forces have dictated either a refocus of the business or implementation of governance to meet regulatory or compliance levels. All of these can be applied to the commercial and to the not-for-profit environment.